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Meals On Wheels Serves Our Community Come Rain Or Shine

By Sherry Adair - February 8, 2017

Mogollon Rim News


On this very cold Friday morning on January 27, 2017, I met up with Ms. Lynann Moon to ride along with her on her route to deliver Meals-On-Wheels to our community’s seniors, disabled ones, some who order and pay for meals, etc. So you can see this program is a full service. This service can provide for you for a temporary time if you are ill or disabled in any way. Those who pay for the meals as well as the fund raising during the year help support this worthy cause. Last year they suffered another government cut in funds, which has been an ongoing symptom of this economy for several years. Ms. Moon had an idea and distributed menus to local businesses a couple months ago and proceeds from this new venture also helps fund Meals-On-Wheels.

We are a member of Meals on Wheels Association of America.   Our  volunteers deliver meals to shut-ins Monday thru Friday.  Every meal you purchase at the ChuckWagon Grill, helps support the non-profit “Meals on Wheels” program.

The Senior Center is nominally funded by AAA-NACOG & DES. The majority of our funding comes from you - the public, our corporate and restaurant partners,  as well as fundraisers and donations of goods to Addie's Thrift Shop.  Our Community/Senior Center is operated almost exclusively by our volunteers. 

DONATIONS:  RCSC, Rim Country Community /Senior Center is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, which provides opportunities and facilities for social interaction, recreation, education, information and entertainment to the adult population of the Heber-Overgaard area.  A gift to Rim Country Senior Center is an enduring gift that benefits our citizens. Many gifts offer tax benefits to the donor. Click on the donate button to learn more. 

The menu today was Lasagna, garlic bread, green beans, salad and fruit. The staff follow very strict guidelines on food handling and temperatures so that bacteria does not develop. The drivers have a nice Suburban to drive with plenty of room for the coolers and special containers that plug into an A/C outlet in the vehicle. Besides Ms. Moon, there are four other drivers, one for each week day, Monday through Friday, “come rain or shine” as Ms. Moon puts it. The drivers are Mr. Len Barr who has been driving for over 20 years; Mr. Robert Hellmuth, Ms. Rosalie Mueller and Mr. Richard Yanez. This is the third year Ms. Moon has been driving.

Drivers carefully monitor food temperatures while using safe food handling protocol. I enjoyed riding with Lynann Moon today and getting to know a little about her. She tells me in her humble manner, “I give of myself by serving and my reward is that they are always grateful.” She tells me how important it is that our community be aware that our Community Center is still able to provide through government grants and other contributions. This removes any discomfort some may have being served. Ms. Moon usually delivers 24 meals but today only 18…only? She says it takes her about two and one half hours because she likes to chat a little with her regulars and check in on how they are doing. With permission she sometimes enters the house and puts the food away when the resident is not physically able and in need of help. It is apparent she loves what she does. Some come out to greet her and give hugs and you can see she is loved and appreciated. Ms. Moon tells me that living in a such a small community as ours that doing this keeps her in touch with people. Some have suffered critical illnesses and she receives joy from watching them progress and she prays for them; this is very special and rewarding to her personally. She has what she calls her “precious stops”; these are the ones she has a spiritual connection with. I must confess I was a little grumpy this morning as I joined up with Ms. Moon. It was one of those mornings…my pipes froze and a series of little things happened, but in only ten minutes with this special lady and I snapped right out of it.


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”
—Mahatma Gandhi

  Now the Center’s Suburban has 4-wheel drive but some areas have deeper snow creating challenges for this little lady to enter some driveways and exit. She says she doesn’t mind as she’s lived in winter weather like ours coming from Pueblo, Colorado. The cold doesn’t bother her as she jumps out into the snow with her stylish little snow boots to ‘serve’ yet another one of her “precious stops.”

Thank you for all you do Ms. Lynann Moon and all of you at our generous Community Center who prepare this good food and always provide for our residents in need throughout the year come rain or shine.

Don’t forget you can find the menu in the Mogollon Rim News; if you are a business call the Center by 10am @ 928-535-5525 and they will deliver for you that day. Remember, you are helping a worthy cause in our community!

If this story has touched you, consider becoming a substitute drive for this worthy organization. Call 928-535-5525 or stop by the office at 2171 E. B Street, Overgaard, AZ. (Take Senior Center Drive off Hwy 260 to B Street.)

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