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Addie’s New SHE SHED, Furniture and Décor

Addie’s Thrift Store manager Carrie Moos would like to announce the opening of the new Addie’s                                                                SHE SHED. Due to COVID 19, we don’t know the exact date yet. Be watching our website,                                               

You might have heard about the RCSC’s new building addition that went up in December 2019. It was in response to the huge growth we have experienced in Addie’s Thrift Store furniture sales. As Addie’s Thrift Store makes up 30% of the Meals on Wheels (MOW) funding, it is an integral part of the program and it is solely run by volunteer power. 100% of all sales goes directly to the MOW program in Heber/Overgaard and that is because RCSC’s first directive is to fund and administer the MOW program. 

This new building addition takes Addie’s from 500 to 1700 covered square feet. For years, we have been bursting at the seams. Your precious furniture donations had been at the mercy of Mother Nature. So after 2 years of dreaming, saving and planning, we are finally able to see that dream come true. The building project was spearheaded by one of our board members, Penny Burch who directed the contractors and recruited a lot of volunteer help. No more wind or water damaged furniture and no more storing furniture in the Center’s main dining room.  We will offer an expanded selection of home décor items, small appliances, dishes and housewares. Check out our Health Corner, Tool Time including garden tools. We also have a huge selection of small or large mounted wall art as well as furniture for all rooms. As a special notice: When Addie’s reopens, shoppers may be required to wear face coverings when on our store. You can wear your own homemade mask or face covering, provided the cloth or homemade mask covers both your nose and mouth in alignment with updated CDC guidelines.


The new addition couldn’t come at a better time as we are gearing up to hopeful double our MOW program in Heber/Overgaard. We asked NACOG to expedite their backlog of Heber/Overgaard MOW potential recipients. RCSC is actively recruiting additional MOW drivers as it is a 3 month process to qualify to be eligible to enter a MOW recipient’s home. We’ll keep you posted. These are both challenging and exciting times.    

Addie’s Thrift Shop celebrates with a Grand Reopening!

By Barbara Samples - February 9, 2017   "reprinted with permission."

On Saturday January 28, 2017, the Rim Country Community Center (RCCC) welcomed very special guest, Addie Scrivner, as part of the celebration and ribbon cutting grand reopening for Addie’s Thrift Shop. Addie, the store’s namesake, began the thrift shop right after the new building was constructed because the original one was destroyed in the Rodeo-Chedeski Fire in June of 2002. Then, as now, there are always expenses to meet at the RCCC and she began the thrift shop as a way to help supplement those. The 90 plus year old Addie retired a few years ago from running the store and it was a pleasure to have her join in the celebration as she greeted old friends and acquaintances.


Thrift Shop

When asked what she thought of the remodeled space, she replied, “Oh my, my. It’s so beautiful! I hope they make a lot of money this summer!” That’s a woman who understands the purpose of the thrift shop!  Addie’s volunteers received new red aprons complete with “Addie’s” in bling lettering complements of Pam and Jon Wiggins of Cabin Fever Creations located at 2279 Highway 260 in Overgaard (next to Premier Auto.) What a nice touch!

The remodel included maximizing the existing spaces for more practical use. Addie’s was expanded with its own new entrance at the front of the building. The exercise room was moved into the old office space; and the office was split in two and is now located in the old storage areas just inside the front entrance. Stop by to see the improvements. Hours are 9 to 1 Monday through Saturday.


The staff made Addie their Queen for the day. Addie was greeted warmly by everyone and seemed to enjoy seeing the new space and her old friends.


A big thank you to Kurt Klein, Rick Dodds, Dennis Prewitt as well as Board President Martin Plute for donating their hard work and effort to complete the job so efficiently and beautifully. Also, thank you to Kay Roberts and all the volunteers who helped move the merchandise during and after construction as well as those who helped with relocating the office and exercise equipment. You’re all priceless!

From left back row are volunteers Barb Hagan, Penny Burch, Kay Roberts (Mgr.) and Joyce Plate; in front are Linda Lucas, Addie Schribner and Carrie Moos.

Mr. and Mrs. Ober stopped in for the celebration. 

Mr. Ober greets old friend Addie!

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